pdfclean for OS X

This is a very simple installer that installs the command line mupdfclean binary and an OS X service to activate it. This is for intel Macs only and probably only works on 10.7.x-10.13.x. (Mojave is untested and Catalina is not working) This is my first release and despite thorough testing, I am going to call it beta at version 0.01. It is my hope to turn this into a drag and drop cocoa app soon. Until then, enjoy. Questions, comments, suggestions, or even corrections can be directed to: breakpdf@be3n.com.

To install, download the package and double click it. The installer does not require administrator privileges, as it only installs within that user. If you wish to use this tool with multiple users, you will need to run the installer again from each user. Depending on your security settings, you may have to right click (control click) the installer package and select open. At least until i repackage it and sign it.

To use, simply right click (control click) the damaged/locked PDF(s). From the context menu, select the "Services" submenu, and the "pdfclean" service. Wait a few seconds and it's done. (Some versions of OS X seem to have removed the "Services" submenu.)

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Download (10.7.x-10.13.x) Download (10.14+)

I did a not so quick update for Catalina and Big Sur, I got it working with a couple of caveats. First, it must run from the Applications folder, and you will need to control-click on DropPDFclean and select open before you can start using it (gatekeeper). Lastly, it only handles one file at a time. I am still working on this, but it is useful in it's current state. let me know how it goes for you?